I wrote this novel after tracing my family tree on my father's side which led me to the Scottish Highland Clan MacKay.
The MacKay clan were based in what was MacKay county, North West Scotland.
I based this story on studying two books about the history of the Clan MacKay.
The first historic record was written by Robert MacKay in 1829, and then followed by the Reverend Angus MacKay in 1906, these books helped to motivate me to write this adventure novel and incorporate many of the historical facts they had recorded. I titled this book  Broadsword the favoured weapon of the Highlander during the 17th century.
Amazon placed this novel on their web page in June 2018 as one of the must-read books.
George Charles MacKay had returned from six years serving with the 42nd Highland Regiment of Foot, which had been formed in Inverness Scotland and then sailed to protect the new American state of Georgia from the Spanish army based in nearby Florida. He had enlisted with this regiment after the parents of the girl with whom he was deeply in love, had forbidden her to see him again. He had arrived back in Scotland in time to take over as the leader of the Clan MacKay after his father and older brother had been assassinated, and he was under tremendous pressure by the members of his clan to seek revenge on the perpetrators of that dastardly deed.
But the country was in a state of civil war as Bonnie Prince Charlie had landed in Scotland and raised a Jacobite army. The story incorporates some of the historical facts and battles that involved both the clan MacKay, and also George and his good friend Douglas Polson as they follow the Jacobite army as it invaded England in its failed attempt to reclaim the throne for the Stuarts, and their retreat back into Scotland which ended in the final Battle at Culloden 1746.
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Bonnie Prince Charlie Poem.


His claim to the throne was fraught with despair.

He arrived at Glenfinnan but no one was there.

But flocking to his standard the Jacobite Highlanders soon came.

But they were unaware of the forthcoming blood, tears, and pain.

Bonnie Prince Charlie led his army to old Derby town.

And while there he was persuaded to turn his forces around.

Back to their homeland of Scotland, his army did go.

At the rear followed Prince Charlie, despondent and low.

At Culloden, he took charge of his Highland clans and made his last stand.

A last desperate throw of the dice to keep his beloved Scot-land.

But brave Scottish Hearts were not enough against English cannon and shell.

And their final charge was broken in the mud, blood, and carnage of Hell.


In 2018 at the Cafe Artisti, Via Nazionale. Cortona. Tuscany. Susan my wife and I were able to do a book signing for my three finished novels which raised 200 Euro for the Children's Cancer research department at Perugia Hospital. And in the same year, we did in the same at the Companions Association on the Costa Blanca, Spain for the Spanish Cancer Society.