This is my second book, which I completed at the end of 2014. The 1955 black and white film The Lady Killers, starring Alec Guinness, which I saw as a young man many years ago while I was studying Civil Engineering at Stockport polytechnic college intrigued me. And it was this film that set the seed in my mind and prompted me to eventually write this thriller, which also gave some indication of the whereabouts of the missing Lord Lucan!!


The story starts at the end of the twentieth century initially around the northern town of Stockport and the nearby city of Manchester.

For the participants, four orphans who have drifted into petty crime the situation they find themselves in quickly escalates out of their control.

After stealing something of great value from an International crime syndicate, Geoffrey Larkin and Co are wanted by the UK police and Interpol and suspected of being involved in terrorist activities by the American security forces they are forced to flee the country on the first plane available, and arrive in Italy. But even there they are not safe, as they have been followed and being hunted by a gang, whose sole intention is. MURDER!  

It’s hard living on your wits, having to be streetwise from an early age, opportunities can sometimes arise and surprises can happen.

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