The story starts at the end of the twentieth century initially around the northern town of Stockport and the nearby city of Manchester.

The only friend he has in the world is an old tramp who tries to impart to the young boy his words of wisdom through the proverbs he is constantly quoting. That is until the boy is sent to a remand home. Over a period of time, and in an attempt to defend himself against the bullies in the school, he forms a bond with two brothers and another lad who, like himself, have also had a very traumatic start in life. When they leave school they stay together. As and when the opportunities arise, they drift into and embark upon petty criminal activities.

These are usually organised by their accepted leader, Geoffrey Larkin. Things are fine until unknown to them; they steal something of great value from a courier working for an international crime syndicate. Subsequently, they are forced to flee for their lives. Managing by luck and some good decisions, they keep ahead of a gang sent to hunt them down and whose instructions and sole intention is. MURDER!


This is my second book, which I completed at the end of 2014. The 1955 black and white film The Lady Killers, starring Alec Guinness, which I saw as a young man many years ago while I was studying at Stockport polytechnic college intrigued me. And it was this film that set the seed in my mind and prompted me to eventually write this thriller, which also gave me some indications of the whereabouts of the missing Lord Lucan!


Available as a paperback from Troubador press and Amazon Kindle.